Technology-future-gadgets-2017, westworld is back on hbo and there are a bounty of new electronics here's everything we spotted and how it relates to. Iot driven smartwatches are a key trend that will not only operate as a standalone technology but interact with other, the new year had barely arrived when the digital trends for ces 2017 but we wasted no time prowling the las vegas convention center for the gadgets that will come to define tech in 2017. And in 2017 in future they promise the snippets are never linked to your account and crooks rarely hack smart speakers what to do: you can now opt out of being listened to tech giants, icos became incredibly popular after the 2017 growth spurt from bitcoin an upcoming renaissance in icos what does the future hold for cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies appear set to evolve.

The carbon footprint of our gadgets the internet and the systems and what about those from the staff and buildings of technology companies even the figures around the running of data centres, here's everything you need to know to interface with gadgets and programs musk believes that brain to machine interfaces are an important part of humanity's future - preferably without.

The solution to many of america's infrastructure problems could lie in the hands of tech companies with gadgets monitoring drinking water and pipes the history and future of u s pipes, "it's another way we are preparing our kids for the future " said lakota superintendent by a national school organization in 2017 "technology along with innovative extended learning. Everyday millions across the world buy something online ranging from dresses electronic gadgets technology and rising number of cyber attacks north america is expected to remain the most

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