Sony Xperia S Release Date is in This Quarter

September 20, 2014

Very shortly we are going to observe Sony Xperia S in the market… Because Sony Xperia S Release Date is very near! Additionally if we believe on the recent report, then, it was known that Sony Xperia S will be available at worth of $700. Also, they have stated that any purchaser can easily buy this new revealed version of Sony Xperia S at an average rate of just $700…

Sony Xperia S is different from all other products of Sony, and also they are not of Ericsson kind. Moreover, the price of the Smartphone will get conforms; only when, it reaches in the hand of retailers… Since, the price is yet not fixed!

While moving ahead let’s talk something about Sony Xperia S Features… Many experts have also stated that, Sony Xperia S has the capacity to compete any other Smartphone’s… While the features such as: camera and the display screen will increase highlight of the Smartphone.

Some experts also suggest that the features of Sony Xperia S are really advanced and this will definitely going to irritate other similar Smartphone’s… Even though the price tag of the Smartphone is revealed, but still its official release date is a mystery to us. Earlier it was pointed out that Sony Xperia S will be released near February… which was again extended to march with the announcement that the Smartphone is going to be visibly available at the retail counters. It was also known that in the third or second week of the same month it is going to get launch, in U.K.

Sony is proud to say that Sony Xperia S is one of the first smartphone android Phone which offers many advanced and attracting features. Sony has also specified that the pixels will be clearer in Sony Xperia S as compare to Apple iPhone 4S. Reports also says that in Sony Xperia S one will observe 340PPI, which is really better than 326 PPI, offered by iPhone 4S.

ASUS Transformer Prime HD Release Date in June This Year

September 18, 2014

ASUS Transformer Prime HD Release Date is set for June 2012. Many people had been confused regarding the Asus Transformer Prime release date. First scheduled to hit the shelves sometime around December 19th, the tablet’s launch had been pushed back due to some undisclosed reasons. ASUS Transformer Prime HD Release Date

But now there’s good news for the Transformer enthusiasts! Asus has finally unveiled its new Transformer Prime HD TF700T at CES 2012 though they won’t be getting it soon as its release date has been set for June this year. Asus has also written in their UK blog that the TF700 model will come out in June at the earliest. The rumored price for the new model is $600 for 32 GB and $700 for 64 GB, CNET reported from CES.

Even though ASUS’s powerful Transformer Prime Eee Pad TF201 launched a few months back had become the first tablet to feature the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, the tablet’s enthusiasts are already looking forward to the ASUS Transformer Prime Launch Date as they feel it will cover up the few shortcomings of the Eee Pad.

According to rumors, the ASUS Transformer Prime HD Features an ultra-high-resolution screen, its 1920×1200 HD resolution beating many laptop displays. The tablet also comes with an upgraded 2-megapixel camera for HD video chat. The TF700T is probably an effort to improve on few design flaws present in the Eee Pad that didn’t let it reach its full potential. There’s also a mobile dock among the Asus Transformer features that allows the tablet to convert to a notebook form bearing a keyboard and battery charger.