Apple iTV is on Its Way – Foxconn Chairman Confirmed

September 23, 2014

There is good news waiting for those, who have penchant for extremely innovative Apple’s devices. Terry Gou (Foxconn Chairman) recently confirmed in a press conference that Foxconn is on the verge of embarking production of iTV. Gou further added that Foxconn is preparing its facilities for High definition iTV.

An English daily newspaper in China called China Daily, published Terry Gou’s comments in its newspaper.

Gou said Foxconn is making preparations for iTV, Apple Inc’s rumored upcoming high-definition television, although development or manufacturing has yet to begin.

iTV Features are undoubtedly going to be sophisticated and impressive. According to the sources iTV features are going to include aluminum casing, an advanced iOS, cutting edge speech recognition technology-Siri, superior iSight camera to facilitate FaceTime video chats.

Unfortunately we are still left with speculation on the exact availability of iTV release date. Previous iTV rumors suggested that iTV may arrive anytime during fourth quarter of this year but it is quite apparent that Apple won’t like to hurry as whatever it does, it does to the best of its ability. Most of the sources are predicting that 2014 would be a year by which Apple would take such an ambitious leap.

Perhaps, rumors of iTV first started surfacing when Walter Isaacson ( official biographer of Steve Jobs) revealed that Steve Jobs felt that he had ‘cracked’ the secret to a simple and elegant HDTV set. It is known to all that Foxconn is a world’s largest maker of electronic components but besides that Foxconn is also a leading Asian manufacturing partner of Apple.

Apple recognized the potential of Sharp’s technology as it could provide Apple, much thinner and powerful LCD’s. Apple wanted sharp to manufacture Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) panels for its HDTV set so when Foxconn acquired 11% stake in Sharp and both, Foxconn and Sharp did strike a joint venture deal, many sources sensed that Apple Tv could be that potential reason behind this deal.

There was a report which claimed an insider has seen an Apple TV prototype, he said that it resembles an Apple monitor but the only difference is that it appears much bigger.

So far, Apple has been successful with its innovative devices and has gained sufficient confidence of consumers, no wonder why it is appearing confident this time as well. Apple is champing at the bit because it knows it can deliver something exclusive and remarkable.

Apple TV / iTV to Bring “a big seismic shift” in TV biz?

September 21, 2014

With every product launch, Apple’s profit begins to soar. Ever imagined what would happen when Apple would step into TV biz? Well strong probability is that, Apple would prove itself in TV biz also because it already possesses number of strengths in terms of economies of scale, buying power and innovativeness.

Even if the scenario appears quite bright for Apple in TV biz, the next question is would it be justifiable to ride millions of dollars in order to gain a market share of whopping $110 billions?

Eric Jackson (Founder and managing member of Ironfire Capital) expressed following views while talking about upcoming Apple TV:

We live in this kind of sped up world. The user base is there for Apple. When new, complementary devices get introduced by the company, the pickup is so quick. I think iTV is going to be even faster than the iPad. It’s gonna be, potentially, a pretty phenomenal product launch. If it’s at $2,000, that will easily match or beat what’s currently out there. Samsung has these Smart TVs that are Internet-connected, and I think they’re going for over $2,000.

I think it’ll be a big seismic shift in the world of TV. It’s going to have ramifications to Netflix and the cable companies, so it’s going to be a pretty big event and I think business will be a huge market for the actual TV. People will use it — it will be kind of a new version of a flip board or white board in a lot of business conference rooms.

I think it’s gonna be just one size. That kind of fits in with their focus on having one new product and marketing that and selling the hell out of that before they get into different sizes.

iTV Release Date is speculated to be round the corner of early months of 2013 and if not then Apple TV release date may fall somewhere around later half of the year 2013.

Most probably, iTV Features would include Siri voice commands and internet connectivity. The details about other pioneering Apple TV features are not yet known.

News about acquisition of ‘Sharp’s state-of-the-art display plant’ by Foxcoon further revealed a high possibility that Apple TV may soon be a reality. iTV is speculated to be priced around $2000. Will Apple be able to create the same magic again? Let’s wait for 2013.