Apple TV Release Date and Features – More Rumors Surface About Siri-Controlled Apple TV

September 26, 2014

There’s actually quite a lot riding on the Apple TV phenomena. From speculations of whether it would be a television set, now it’s time to talk about what hardware features Apple would let the speculated iTV have. Foxconn Electronics is rumored to obtain the assembly orders for the Apple smart TV according to the report from DigiTimes.

Apple TV features have been the talk of the town for quite long now. But one thing that’s been on the news always – and will be, till the actual release of the TV – is the Siri-based controller.

Of all the Apple TV features, Siri-based controlling is something that people are looking forward to. Not just people who are going to use iTV, but also industry experts and designers. Industry big-wigs recently were scouring all over the place to get to know of Apple’s TV plans. However, nothing concrete has come out yet. Of course, with Samsung, Sharp and LG on the chips and display manufacturing, there is surely some tough competition waiting for other popular TV manufacturers.

The Apple TV release date has been another area of debate. Some are skeptical of an early release – putting the release date well beyond 2012 into early 2013. But this recent report from DigiTimes looks positive enough of a late 2012 release. The late 2012 Apple TV release date is commonly accepted for now.

Apple TV features are also said to include some interesting developments in the display resolution, in the way cable networks are about to be revolutionized and also on AirPlay (and iCloud for that matter) – which would let you control your TV through your iOS device, as well as continue watching your shows from where you left on other Apple devices.

For now though, the Siri-based voice conrol is the highlight. Of course, we’ll have to wait at least till mid-2012 to actually know what more the iTV could bring us.

Apple TV Release Date – Would 2013 See Apple’s iTV?

September 24, 2014

News about Apple’s TV first surfaced before the launch of Steve Job’s biography. Apple, according Steve, had cracked the missing puzzle in the television domain.

So now everyone looks to be eagerly awaiting some info about the Apple TV launch date. For one thing, it sure isn’t coming this year, nor the next. Some say the Apple TV release might be happening late next year, but that just doesn’t fit. Here’s more on that, on why we think it would only be 2013 and the possible Apple TV Features & Specs it might have.

What Apple TV Could Have On the Feature Set

Apple TV – or iTV as it has now become popular (although officially not confirmed again) – would be obviously having spectacular features. It’s an Apple product, after all.The first thing that’s being talked about is the lack of a traditional remote-control. Instead, you are going to control your television via something like the Siri app on iPhone 4S. Voice-based commands for the television just seem like the next-best-thing and in all probability, considering what Jobs said in his biography, it might just turn out to be true.

Besides controlling via voice commands, the iTV is hoped to contain not just a television feature but also a lot of other things like connectivity to the internet, direct streaming features from YouTube, Netflix (which are available through the Apple TV Box) and much more.

On the hardware side, the display resolution is going to be stunning if some reports are to be believed. Sharp is supposed to be working on the design of the Apple iTV’s display – and there are rumors abound that they are working on something revolutionary. The mass production for the displays have not yet started. It would be some months after the mass production that the official Apple TV Launch would happen.

Rumors About The Apple TV Release Date

As the saying goes, the guess is up in the air. So we heard some rumors point to an early release – and by early, we mean late 2012.

But since the production of the displays themselves has not yet started, we’re sure the Apple TV release date would fall in 2013. That’s a long time, but considering the technology that it brings, the wait is worth. Other TV manufacturers have begun scrambling for reports and rumors to find out what exactly is the “next-big-thing” in the television domain!